Hookahs Horses were originally drawn in pencil A5 size, from this they have been reproduced in various media and colours. Sixty cartoons have been printed in a book and several others have been reproduced onto 'T'shirts, printed as posters, colour prints and used to compile colouring books.

Although the cartoons were drawn as individuals they have been linked together to produce a strip cartoon called 'Ali and Daffy'. Several of the cartoons have been re-drawn to A3 size and beautifully water coloured to be printed as posters or for textile printing.

For younger children three colouring books have been produced. Book one and two contain ten cartoons each and book three is a combination of them both. Seven plastic mugs, one for each day of the week are also available. Plastic was chosen for safety, and could be knocked over by an equisitive horse to survive another day.

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